Get Educated! Rydin Webinars

Get ready to learn! Rydin has several educational webinars coming up, and we’d love to have you join us.  webinar-yt-550x375

Distribution Services

Tuesday, July 28th- 1:30 pm-2:00 pm CST

Whether you issue 100 permits or 50,000 permits, Rydin has you covered. Our experts will prepare your parking permits and any other inserts, mail them directly to your parkers – and get them to your recipients on time! It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

In addition to the time savings for your staff, you will have the added benefits of reduced lines in your office, improved customer service and peace of mind. All at a very affordable price!

Register here:

Rydin PermitExpress 101

 Tuesday, August 1st- 1:30 pm-2:30 pm CST

Join us for a complete overview of our parking management software, Rydin PermitExpress!

You will learn how to:

  • Incorporate our web-based system into your current administration
  • Utilize PermitExpress data in real-time to monitor, update and search your information
  • Create powerful reporting to create efficiencies within your department
  • Easily customize your registration process, including convenient on-line payment
  • Track and monetize citations
  • Revolutionize parking management safely and effectively at your institution!

Register here:

Creating the Perfect Parking Permit

Wednesday, August 2nd- 1:30 pm-2:30 pm CST

Providing your organization with the “perfect” parking permit has never been so easy! This webinar will answer your questions about materials, features, benefits, and more!

Register here:

Rydin PermitExpress 101

Tuesday, September 12th- 1:30 pm-2:30 pm CST

Join us for a complete overview of our parking management software, Rydin PermitExpress!

You will learn how to:

  • Incorporate our web-based system into your current administration
  • Utilize PermitExpress data in real-time to monitor, update and search your information
  • Create powerful reporting to create efficiencies within your department
  • Easily customize your registration process, including convenient on-line payment
  • Track and monetize citations
  • Revolutionize parking management safely and effectively at your institution!

Register here


Don’t forget to register at the provided links! You won’t want to miss out on these webinars of knowledge!

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When we were young, safety was something that we thought we always had. Whether it was our parents tucking us in and checking the closet for the boogey man or making sure we were home before it got dark out, we knew what safety meant. As we grew up, we realized being secure is a lot more complex: extra precautions at airports, more security at crowded, populated places, more regulations on everything, etc. So why shouldn’t parking permits be more secure? The amount of counterfeit permits out there is outrageous and people seem to be getting away with not paying for them. But Rydin has what it takes to sidestep these shenanigans. We offer multiple security features for our permits.

Let’s start with materials     The reflective material, which can be made for inside and outside-window permits, makes it extremely easy for the permits to be seen at night or in direct sunlight. This material can also be laminated/attached to another material in order to create hangtags. The special difference between a reflective material and a rydin reflex material is that, in addition to the reflective property, it also contains a watermark. It provides double the protection. The prismcal material is really interesting due to the fact that it has a “holographic” feel and changes the way it looks based on the angle you’re viewing it. The last material, the “void” mylar, is made so it can only be used once. Once it’s applied, taking it off is very difficult. If someone tries to remove it, “VOID” appears on the permit. There’s no way anyone can use it again.

voidpirisrydin reflectreflect

But wait! There’s more!         There are other ways, besides materials, that can be used to prevent counterfeiting. Hate to “foil” your plans, but there’s a special kind of metallic foil that can be applied to permits that make it hard to be counterfeited. These foils come in different solid colors that fit your needs. The counterfeit deterrent ink we offer is a distinctive ink that can only be seen when viewed under a black light. Also hard to see without a special tool, we use a micro-print to create words that go all over the permit. This is so most copiers and printers can’t reproduce the permit because the print it too small to duplicate. Security slits make it so once someone tries to detach it, the permit tears. And lastly, our holographic security lamination is a 3D laminate that’s added to composite products. Try counterfeiting those!


Rydin just wants to ensure that you have all the security that your permits require! Better to be safe than sorry!

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Tune into the RFID Station

When you think of “parking permits”, what comes to mind? A piece of paper that homerhangs from your rear view mirror or a pesky, little sticker that never seems to want to depart your car when you’re done with it? Sure, these are things that pop into your head when you think of parking permits. But there’s an innovative game changer that will make the parking process much easier. RFID or Radio Frequency Identification is a new way some places are managing their parking.

With RFID technology, hang tags are able to be scanned from a distance, opening up a security gate and allowing passengers of vehicles to pass through into the building, without having to even open their car doors.  This is done through specific radio carfrequencies. Doesn’t seem too complex, right? All that needs to be done, in order to create such a technology, is the manufacturer needs to input a small chip and an antennae, or inlay, into the hang tag. The signal is then sent from the radio through this that then identifies the hang tag. And behold! Parking permits of the future!

So why choose RFID? I think the real question here is why not? Customers really enjoy this new method for many reasons. First off, it’s an easier and more “touch-free” approach. Instead of swiping a card, the hang tag holder just needs to drive right through and the scanner does all the work. Talk about convenient! Also, it is way better for the environment. Since you don’t need to worry about permanent attachment, the hang tags can be considered reusable. And with reusable hang tags, there’s a bright outlook for our carbon footprint! Using RFID is one step closer  to a better future for our  planet! Along with that, this method is very flexible. As long as it has the proper materials, which are the UHF frequency and being able to follow the EPC Gen2 protocol, then any vendor is able to read the hang tag. It’s nice to have a permit that is compatible with so many different vendors. Using this system makes the permits almost impossible to copy. Because there is a special permit number encoded into it, there’s no way to replicate it. There are also ways to encrypt communication between the permit and the reader. Your parking permit security is a top priority at Rydin.

RFID is a great start to advancing the parking management that companies need to deal with


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2017 New Products

New year means new products! We asked our customers and our sales reps what products they wanted, and we weren’t disappointed in the results. Introducing our new 2017 products! We are very proud of these new products, as well as our commitment to making sure we produce fully customized products that are perfect for all of our customers’ needs.


Measuring  2-3/4″ x 4-3/4″ and being made with 25 mil Composite material, our hang tags have created a new look and are still available for customization.




Our mascot hang tags have become more alive this year! Measuring 4-1/2″ x 5-1/8″ and created with 25 mil Composite, these hang tags will be a great addition to your school.


Our 3″ x 3″ square decals are easy to customize to ensure a secure deal for your school, with tamper proof decals and other security features.

WLB-10 FinalWarningWL-05 Warning 7x5

Our new warning stickers (7 x5) and new warning label books ( 8 x 5) are a going to help ensure the safety of your facility. The books include 50 warning labels that help keep track of each warning issued. Both are printed on a fluorescent adhesive paper.


Yard signs are a great way to show your neighborhood what messages you are conveying. Created on durable corrugated plastic material, yard signs are printed with fade-resistant ink.

Magnets come in various shapes and sizes and can be customized in any way you like. They’re durable and can be placed indoor or outdoor and are good to remember important dates and causes.

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Our Attraction to Magnets

bbOur Attraction to Magnets

I know, the pun was awful, but there really is a new attraction to magnetic decals these days. We put them on everything; cars, refrigerators, cabinets, etc. They hold up your child’s beautiful artwork or A+ paper and they act as means of decoration. Magnets are the new thing!

 A lot of places, like chambers, are using magnetic decals to promote themselves and gain more recognition within the community. Often times they create a lasting impression. But magnetic decals aren’t just limited to association or chamber magnets. There are plenty of different options to do with your magnets: calendars, schedules, awareness, etc. That way you can show others that you support the cause by putting a ribbon on your car or you can remember your son’s little league schedule by putting it up in your cubicle.

Magnets can be so much more convenient than other types of decals. Magnets are, for the most part, weather proof and can withstand years of water from rain or snow. You can move the decals from car to car, or even inside if you desire. Not to mention the quality is superb! The durability makes it so they can outlast other kinds of decals.

Before applying your new magnetic decal, there are a couple steps you can’t miss. In order for the magnet to stick, you’re going to want to make sure the area is spic and span (any kind of soap will do for this step). Then let the spot air dry before placing the magnet to it. If you don’t have a clean spot for the decal or a clean magnet for that matter, then you’ll have a difficult time getting it to stick.

So why are people so attracted to our magnets? Check out our online catalog or talk to one of our sales associates to find out.


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Holy Materials, Batman!

BatmanHere at Rydin, the list of materials is endless! I’m going to try to make this blog less informative and more “fun-ducational”.  It might get lengthy, but be prepared to have your mind blown from the countless materials! There are two main types of materials we offer: Hang Tags and Decals.

Hang Tags      So in the hang tag department, there are composite, polyethylene, 24 point card stock, 100# white gloss cover, and 110# white index paper. We’re going to keep these short and sweet. Composite materials are the basic hang tags that we provide. These types of tags have the same feel as a credit card and are 25 mil, but can come in 30 or 35 mil, if requested.  And because there are layers on layers, the image stands a better chance of a longer lasting life! For extra protection, there are UV inhibitors put on the outside layer to keep it from fading. The polyethylene material is more commonly used on the tow signs you see in parking lots that don’t want you trespassing. Offered in 23, 35, and 75 mil, this material can easily be laminated and used for anti-counterfeit issues. The 24 point card stock is our more heavy duty material. When people need a more durable material, Rydin’s cardstock paper is often used. The difference between 100# white gloss cover and 110# white index paper is that the 110# white index paper is plain paper that can be written on with any type of writing utensil.  Meanwhile, the final material, 100# white gloss cover is what you can see when looking on a sports credential. It’s a bright tag with a smooth finish, exactly why they’re used for dance tickets.

Decals             Our decal material list is a little more extensive than the hang tag list. So from the top, we have the 80# white gloss cover, which is what most customers use for their inside window decals. Not only is this material made to be pretty, it also makes a secure decal. The acetate decal is definitely only made for a one-time use. Its permanent adhesive is meant just to be used on the inside windows and has a translucent liner. The clear vinyl can be made with a permanent adhesive or a removable adhesive. Although they’re both made to be flexible, the two adhesives are drastically different. While the permanent adhesive is super aggressive and makes a home out of your window, the removable adhesive makes it easy to transfer to any place you desire. Although the static/cling vinyl offers a temporary deal, it’s recommended to go with the clear vinyl with removable adhesive. This is because the static/cling has no adhesive and tends to be stubborn when it comes to sticking for a while. The most common material that we use for outdoor decals is white vinyl. This 4 mil thick material isn’t just limited to flat surfaces, which is why it’s popular as bumper stickers! The cold weather vinyl decal is basically the white vinyl, except for the fact that it’s made especially for cold weather, which is necessary since temperature may affect the adhesiveness of the decal. Another material that can be made with removable and permanent adhesive is clear mylar/polyester. Both perfect for indoor and outdoor use! The last material is white opaque mylar. This material is fashioned so the print from one side does not show through the other side. This is why these are commonly used on glass doors.

A lot of information to retain, I know, but it’ll really help you in the long run when you’re figuring out what material to stick with.

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2017 Catalog

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new 2017 Rydin Catalog! Check it out to find some new exciting products for your 2017 needs.

We’ve added over 100 new products, including:

– Mascot Decals
– Magnets
– Brewery Products
– Backpack & Parent Pickup Tags

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Rydin Celebrates our 60th Anniversary!


Rydin Celebrates its 60th Birthday

STREAMWOOD, Illinois – SEPTEMBER 23, 2016 – It’s crazy to believe that 60 years has gone by in the blink of an eye! That’s right, this year Rydin turns the big 6-0! In order to celebrate such a milestone, we need to acknowledge the key factors that were necessary to get Rydin to where it is today.

First off, it is highly important to recognize our customer base. Without them, we couldn’t have gotten to where we are today. Our large variety of customers has opened our eyes to the amount of diversity within the community. With that we are able to create such unique products that fit the needs of each individual. Loyal customers show us that we are doing our jobs right.

Team work makes the dream work! A cooperative team is the foundation of a successful company. We started as a small corner sign shop with a small team working hard to achieve big goals. We never expected to grow into such a large and close team. This goes to show that we realize how special each and every worker is here. They all bring a different quality to the table that makes us who we are. Without a hardworking team, we would never have gotten to this milestone.

So, as Rydin celebrates another year of success, we just want to say thank you. Thank you for 60 years of dedication, accountability, and relationships that were formed.  We know that Glen Rydin, founder of Rydin, would be extremely honored to know that his business has reached the potential that he knew it would back in 1956. We hope for many more years of being your leader in customer service in the printing industry!

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Announcing Rydin PermitExpress version 6.1!


Summer has been a very busy and exciting time here at Rydin! Our team has been working hard on the newest version of our web-based parking service; PermitExpress  v6.1 and we’re sure that you will find these new features very useful!

This new version includes both Shibboleth and Easy Connect, which are two popular Single Sign-On (SSO) software that is used by many universities across the nation. This new SSO will allow users to log in using their existing username and password already affiliated with the school. Luckily, this will eliminate the need to remember another username and password!

We’re very excited about the new software, and we hope that you are too!

For more information on PermitExpress please visit:

The original press release can be found here:

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Parent Pick Up and Backpack Tag Program by Rydin

There is nothing more important than the safety of your children. With Rydin’s line of Parent Pick Up Hang Tags and Backpack Tags to correspond, you’ll be able to easily identify the correct car in the pick up line outside of school.

Extremely popular among primary and elementary schools, these products allow for more organization and a more efficient drop off and pick up system. You can even upload your own logo or graphic and create a permit unique to your school’s needs! Keep reading to learn more about our program:


Car Rider Pickup Visor Sign Car-Visor

Write the child’s information on the Car Rider Pickup Sign in permanent marker. Remember to allow the ink to dry to avoid smearing the ink.

  • Slide the elastic band through the slit into the circle tab on the top of the student tag. Make sure the elastic band stays inside the circle tab.
  • Wrap the elastic band around the passenger side visor with the student’s information facing the windshield.
  • Flip your visor down when picking up your student up so the tag is facing out. After you have picked your child up, flip the visor up to store the tag.


Car Rider Matching Backpack Tag Parent-Pick-up-Car-web-1-500x460

 Attach the tag to the child’s backpack with the security loop.  Write the corresponding information from the parent’s visor sign.  Again, permanent marker is recommended. This will allow school faculty to easily see the necessary information on the tag.


School Bus Tag, Walker Tag, and Before/After School Tag

Attach to the student’s backpack with the security loop.  Write the bus number and the location of their stop to the School Bus Tag. Write the name of the before/after school program with a permanent marker. This allows for the faculty to easily see where each student should be at the end of the day.


Parent-Pick-Up-Shoe-500x349Parent Pickup After School Program-222








For more information, please email us at or call us at 1-800-448-1991

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