Our Attraction to Magnets

bbOur Attraction to Magnets

I know, the pun was awful, but there really is a new attraction to magnetic decals these days. We put them on everything; cars, refrigerators, cabinets, etc. They hold up your child’s beautiful artwork or A+ paper and they act as means of decoration. Magnets are the new thing!

 A lot of places, like chambers, are using magnetic decals to promote themselves and gain more recognition within the community. Often times they create a lasting impression. But magnetic decals aren’t just limited to association or chamber magnets. There are plenty of different options to do with your magnets: calendars, schedules, awareness, etc. That way you can show others that you support the cause by putting a ribbon on your car or you can remember your son’s little league schedule by putting it up in your cubicle.

Magnets can be so much more convenient than other types of decals. Magnets are, for the most part, weather proof and can withstand years of water from rain or snow. You can move the decals from car to car, or even inside if you desire. Not to mention the quality is superb! The durability makes it so they can outlast other kinds of decals.

Before applying your new magnetic decal, there are a couple steps you can’t miss. In order for the magnet to stick, you’re going to want to make sure the area is spic and span (any kind of soap will do for this step). Then let the spot air dry before placing the magnet to it. If you don’t have a clean spot for the decal or a clean magnet for that matter, then you’ll have a difficult time getting it to stick.

So why are people so attracted to our magnets? Check out our online catalog or talk to one of our sales associates to find out.


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