Parent Pick Up and Backpack Tag Program by Rydin

There is nothing more important than the safety of your children. With Rydin’s line of Parent Pick Up Hang Tags and Backpack Tags to correspond, you’ll be able to easily identify the correct car in the pick up line outside of school.

Extremely popular among primary and elementary schools, these products allow for more organization and a more efficient drop off and pick up system. You can even upload your own logo or graphic and create a permit unique to your school’s needs! Keep reading to learn more about our program:


Car Rider Pickup Visor Sign Car-Visor

Write the child’s information on the Car Rider Pickup Sign in permanent marker. Remember to allow the ink to dry to avoid smearing the ink.

  • Slide the elastic band through the slit into the circle tab on the top of the student tag. Make sure the elastic band stays inside the circle tab.
  • Wrap the elastic band around the passenger side visor with the student’s information facing the windshield.
  • Flip your visor down when picking up your student up so the tag is facing out. After you have picked your child up, flip the visor up to store the tag.


Car Rider Matching Backpack Tag Parent-Pick-up-Car-web-1-500x460

 Attach the tag to the child’s backpack with the security loop.  Write the corresponding information from the parent’s visor sign.  Again, permanent marker is recommended. This will allow school faculty to easily see the necessary information on the tag.


School Bus Tag, Walker Tag, and Before/After School Tag

Attach to the student’s backpack with the security loop.  Write the bus number and the location of their stop to the School Bus Tag. Write the name of the before/after school program with a permanent marker. This allows for the faculty to easily see where each student should be at the end of the day.


Parent-Pick-Up-Shoe-500x349Parent Pickup After School Program-222








For more information, please email us at or call us at 1-800-448-1991

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  1. Susan Schaeffer says:

    Please give me a quote on Car Rider pickup visor and Car Rider matching backpack tags. QTY 300.

  2. I am interested in the Parent Pick Up and Backpack Tag Program. How can I get pricing and information on how to order? Can you put my company logo on the backside?

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