4 Common Misconceptions About Parking Permits

4 Common Misconceptions About Parking Permits 

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1. Parking Permits are generic and boring.
When you choose Rydin Decal for your parking permit printing, you have the ability to choose between hundreds of different combinations of materials, shapes, colors, sizes and logos. The possibilities are endless, and we can help you create the exact design to fit your school or organization.

2. Parking Permits are expensive.
Team Rydin can help work within your budget, and offer solutions to help manage the costs of printing parking permits.

3. Parking Permits are easy to copy, steal or tamper with.
We offer more advanced levels of parking permit customization and security features, including holograms, bar coding, reflective and destructible materials. Our knowledgeable Account Representatives and in-house Designers will be happy to turn your unique requirements into a reality.

4. Parking Permits aren’t necessary or effective.
Parking Permits are an ideal way to ensure parking spaces are available for the people who belong in your lot – and to keep unwanted or suspicious vehicles out.  When parkers display their hang tag parking permits from their mirror or their parking permit stickers on their window, parking officers will be able to quickly determine if the vehicle is registered and is allowed.

We would love to tell you more about our product line, or to assist you with any parking permit need you have. Please contact us today!

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