Not all Membership Decals are Created Equal

Membership Decals are a great way to increase your organization’s brand recognition. They are often overlooked as an effective and attention-grabbing branding tool.

Here are a few ways to use Membership Decals to increase your brand recognition:

Placement – Decals have the most versatility when it comes to placement.  You can place a Membership Decal to any clean, dry and smooth surface. Placing a Membership Decal on a vehicle’s windshield or bumper is the perfect solution to increase brand recognition. It will promote your organization throughout the community while serving as a moving billboard.

Unique Messaging – Brand consistency is important. A well designed Membership Decal will help the viewer remember your organization’s name and brand.  Membership Decals that display your website is an excellent tool for extending your brand awareness, and it makes it easy to contact you.  Why not include a QR code on the front of your decal? A QR Code is a scannable barcode that links your organization’s message to a web address.

Recognition – Reward your members at a very low cost. Membership Decals are typically offered to supporting participants and members. Membership Decals enable your members a way to proudly display their affiliation with your organization.

Fundraising – If your association coordinates fundraising activities, rewarding the participants with a decal shows your appreciation for a job well done.

Branding with Membership Decals is effective for many organizations.  No matter what your industry or organization type may be, Membership Decals can successfully promote your cause.

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