The Fantastic Four: Making your Parking Permit unique.

Making your Hang Tag Parking Permits and Decal Parking Permits unique can happen in many different ways.

Become a Superhero with the Fantastic Four of Solutions!


Like Mr. Fantastic, there are all kinds of Shapes available for your permit. Simple geometric shapes (rectangles, ovals, circles and triangles) or official badge and shield shapes are a great place to start.

Parking permits can be die-cut into virtually any shape you desire.  For more details on shapes, check out our posts about Hang Tag Shapes and Decal Shapes.


InvisibleWomanShe can make herself transparent, but Invisible Woman secretly wishes for the ability to add Color to any situation. Colored backgrounds make it easier for enforcement officers to identify different lots and permit types.

As far as what colors to use, Primary Colors and Secondary Colors are a good place to begin. Alternatively, using your specific organization’s colors is a good way to extend your corporate branding to the parking lot – and beyond. And for the thrill-seeker, selecting custom colors from an Html Color Picker is not only easy to do, but it will give you hundreds of options. For more details on color selection, please read our post, “Pick a Color! It makes your Parking Permit unique.”


HumanTorchThe Text on the parking permit identifies all of your important information: the name of your organization, when the permit is valid (annual, monthly, semester, etc.), and the type of permit (staff, student, employee, vendor, etc.).

The exciting part is choosing what type font to use. So if Helvetica isn’t your style, the Human Torch would suggest picking one with a little more sizzle. Also, there are online design tools that enable you to add  cool  hot-looking  effects to your text. For a more in depth look at text and fonts, check out our post, “Using Text to make your Parking Permit unique.”


TheThingAdding a Logo is a great way to give your Hang Tag or Decal parking permit a personalized look. A logo can help create a rock-solid image to your permit – just like The Thing.

Your company logo or your school mascot can give the permit holder a sense of pride when they display the permit. If you don’t have a specific logo, but would like to use one, there are logo libraries available that you can choose from.  See our post about “Using Logos to customize your parking permits.”


About the Company: Rydin Decal specializes in parking enforcement products to make your parking lots easier and safer to use. We offer customized parking permit hang tags and parking permit decals, permit distribution services, and web-based parking management software.

Fantastic Four, Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, and The Thing are registered trademarks of Marvel Comics.

Security Features (Numbering, Bar Codes, Hologram, Security Laminates, Reflective, Destructible, Tamper-Evident)

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