Independence Day and creating a Decal Parking Permit.

Decal Parking Permit at Rydin.comRevolutionary Soldier Decal

Designing your Hang Tag Parking Permit and Decal Parking Permit is fun! And it’s easy to do when you use the Online Design Tool.

Using Independence Day as inspiration, the image to the left is a Star-Spangled Permit that was created with an Online Design Tool.

1. Select a Permit Type & Design: The first step in creating a parking permit is to select a permit type – we selected a Decal, Design R-502.


(Fig. 1) Click the “Add Image” Button


2. Adding a Logo: Once in the Design Tool, we wanted to add a logo, so we clicked the “Add Image” Button (Fig. 1).


(Fig. 2) Images on left: Browse Clipart & select Logo.
Images on right: Logo downloaded to the canvas, then re-sized and moved into position.



Since we didn’t have our own logo to upload, we decided to use the logo library, so we clicked the “Browse Clipart” Button (Fig. 2).

We found a logo to use and added it to the canvas of the Design Tool.  Then we re-sized the logo and moved it into position.



( Fig. 3) Use the Text Pane to select Font, Size, Color, Drop Shadow, Outlines, and Effects.


3. Text: We clicked a the text box, which activated the Text Options Pane (Fig. 3).

This pane allows you to do a bunch of cool things with the text.

We typed “FREEDOM” in the Message Box, then selected a Font Size and a Font Color. We moved the text box into position, then continued with the others. We also added a text box by clicking the “Add Text” Button.


(Fig. 4)  Type your starting number in the Number Pane.


4. Number: Next, we clicked the number box, which activated the Number Options Pane (Fig. 4). We typed our patriotic starting number.

Done! And just like that, our Revolutionary Soldier Decal Parking Permit is complete!

Visit the Online Design Tool to create unique Hang Tag Parking Permits and Decal Parking Permits for your organization.

About the Company: Rydin Decal specializes in parking enforcement products to make your parking lots easier and safer to use. We offer customized parking permit hang tags and parking permit decalspermit distribution services, and web-based parking management software.

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