Do your students and visitors know the rules?

No Smoking, No Weapons, No Cell Phones, and No Bullying Decals by Rydin Decal

Compliance and Informational Decals can help to keep an orderly campus.

The new academic year is right around the corner. Providing your students with the best possible learning environment is paramount.

Compliance & Informational Decals and Signage are simple solutions that can help foster a positive learning environment – they help promote a safe, and orderly campus.

When students and visitors are aware of the rules and policies, it makes it easier for them to comply. And, it is easier for faculty and staff to enforce.

A few examples of compliance decals include: No Smoking, No Vaping/E-cigarettes, No Weapons, No Cell Phones, No Bullying, etc. Decals can be printed to be displayed on windows, doors, and smooth surfaces. Rigid signs can be mounted to walls. Many schools display an informational decal that “All visitors must register at the main office per school district policy.”

But as important as these items are, sometimes they are forgotten about – due to the hustle and bustle that the new school year brings. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t worry, you have options. Many of the compliance and informational decals are currently available, so you can receive them before classes begin.

About the Company: Rydin Decal specializes in parking enforcement products to make your parking lots easier and safer to use. We offer customized parking permit hang tags and parking permit decalspermit distribution services, and web-based parking management software.

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