Using Logos to customize your Parking Permits.

Customizing your Hang Tag Parking Permits and Decal Parking Permits can happen in many different ways. Adding a logo is perhaps, the most customized solution of them all.

Why Use a Logo?

Company Logo on a Parking Permit at Rydin.comAdding your company logo or your school logo can give the permit holder a sense of pride when they display the permit.

Plus, using your logo is a good way to create awareness about your organization. When the permitted vehicles aren’t in your parking lot, they are out and about. Other people will see the permit and see your logo, which creates awareness.

Which Camp are you?

Regarding logos, organizations typically fall into one of Three Camps:

  1. They have an existing Logo.
  2. They do not have a Logo, but are willing to create one.
  3. They do not have a Logo, and do not plan to create one.

For those that Have an Existing Logo:   

We recommend using it.  If you plan to create your Parking Permit with the Online Design Tool,  then all you need to do is upload your logo. To upload, simply click the “Add Image” Button. An “Add Image” Pop-up screen will appear and you would click the “Upload Images” Button. From there, the Design Tool will guide you through the process.

Your logo will automatically appear on the canvas of the Design Tool. It’s easy.

Upload an image at

Step 1. Click the “Add Image” Button.

Step 2. Click the "Upload Images Button"

Step 2. Click the “Upload Images Button”







For the artists that are Willing to Create a Logo:

We applaud you, and wish you good luck on your creative adventure.

If you are part of an established organization, please make sure to get the logo approved by the person that has the proper authority to do so.  Once approved, then save your file as a jpeg, png, or gif. If you plan to use the online Design Tool to create your parking permit, then you can upload your file.

For the people that Do Not Have a Logo, and Do Not Plan to Create One: 

We welcome you! And rest assured – you are not alone.

If you plan to create your parking permit with the Online Design Tool, then you can take advantage of our Image Library. The library contains over 150 logos and mascots (Animals, People, Shapes, Business, etc.) to choose from. To access the library, simply click the “Add Image” Button, and then click the “Browse Clipart” Button. Once you select a logo/mascot, you can then change the colors to make it your own.

Upload an image at

Step 1. Click the “Add Image” Button.

Step 2. Click the "Browse Clipart" Button

Step 2. Click the “Browse Clipart” Button

Step 3. Select a Logo or Mascot

Step 3. Select a Logo or Mascot

Using the Online Design Tool is fun and easy. If you would like more information, please feel free to Contact Us.


About the Company: Rydin Decal specializes in parking enforcement products to make your parking lots easier and safer to use. We offer customized parking permit hang tags and parking permit decalspermit distribution services, and web-based parking management software.

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