Control Game Day Parking on Campus

On college campuses across the country, many things are happening on Game Day. Common denominators includes: tailgaters, a lot of vehicles, and crowds of people. This typically creates a challenging situation for those that are responsible for providing safety and security to the fans, players and event staff.

So how can safety officers and event organizers keep an orderly event?

An important step in ensuring an orderly event begins in the parking lot. Regardless of the sport (Football, Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Soccer, etc.), maintaining control of the parking facilities is critical. And with the right parking control tools, game day can run a little easier.

Season Parking Permits
If season ticket holders and VIPs are assigned to specific lots, then most likely, there will be a need for Season Parking Permits.

Hang Tags are the most popular type of season event permit.

Hang Tag Parking Permits are made to be displayed from the rear view mirror during the event and removed after the event. Larger Hang Tags are easier to see from a distance, in low-light, and in night-time conditions. To make the hang tag unique, event organizers and public safety departments often use a combination of a die-cut shapes, color-coding, logos and/or artsy images.

Once control in the parking lot has been established, then the focus can be directed to access control.

Credentials allow special access to sporting facilities on game day. Event organizers and public safety departments can control who (Media, Photographer, VIP, Event Staff, Team Staff, etc.) has access to which areas of the facility (Sideline, All Access, Field, Suite, etc.). Credentials can be made from paper or plastic material; and are displayed by hanging from a string, lanyard, or metal clip.

Additional Security Features
Depending on the needs of the facility, counterfeit-deterrent security features can be incorporated into the Parking Permits and Credentials. Barcodes, Hologram, and Hot-stamped Foils are the most popular. Additionally, a photograph of the holder can be added to credentials for a more elaborate look.

Game On
Maintaining control of your parking lots and access to your facility will make your Game Day more successful. Parking Permits and Credentials make a winning combination.

About the Company: Rydin Decal specializes in parking enforcement products to make your parking lots easier and safer to use. We offer fully customizable parking hang tags and customizable decals.

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