What makes a Hang Tag Parking Permit unique? Let’s look at the shape.

Making your Hang Tag Parking Permit unique can be accomplished in many different ways. One option is to change the shape of the parking permit.


The Basics

For Hang Tag Parking Permits, the most popular die-cut shape continues to be the Vertical Rectangle. The Vertical Hang Tag measures 2.75”W x 4.75”H. The size allows enough room for all of your important information (Name of your Organization, Permit Number, Expiration Date/Year, Lot Designation), plus there is enough room to add your logo.

The Mini Hang Tag is a little smaller and more square-like in shape, measuring 2.75”W x 3.5”H. It is large enough to display your most important parking information – and it’s shorter, so it doesn’t hang too far below the rear view mirror.

Another basic shape is the Horizontal Hang Tag. The 4.75”W x 2.125”H rectangle shape conveniently hides the permit behind the mirror – so you can hang it, then you can forget about it.

A Step Up

For many, the basic shapes are…well…too basic. They desire to use a shape that is a little different than the norm. The easiest place to start is the Large Vertical Hang Tag and the Large Horizontal Hang Tag. Both of these permits are bigger versions of the basic hang tags, and are perfect for incorporating larger text and graphics.

More Advanced

If you are willing to “step out” a little further, then there are more geometric shapes available.

The Oval Hang Tag and the Circle Hang Tag are two shapes that are both different from the norm and also visually appealing. The permits are larger than the basic size (Oval – 3.75”W x 4.5”H; Circle – 5”), which enable them to be recognized at a distance. The curved shapes stand out from the rectangular shapes of the rear view mirror and sun visors.

The Triangle Hang Tag is about the same size as the vertical hang tag, but is die-cut into its own unique shape.

And the Racetrack Hang Tag is the best size to use when you are looking for a larger footprint. Measuring 2.75”W x 6.5”H, the parking permit is easy identify at-a-glance. This size works great for facilities that require vendor and visitor parking permits, or areas where vehicles line up to pick up students or patrons.

Custom Shapes

For the adventurous-types, the shape of your hang tag is only as limited as your imagination. Custom hang tag shapes can be die-cut to mimic your company logo, your school mascot, and any other shape you can think of. As long as it can be displayed from the rear view mirror, a custom die-cut shape can be made to your unique specifications.

About the Company: Rydin Decal specializes in parking enforcement products to make your parking lots easier and safer to use. We offer customized parking hang tags and customized decals.

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