Are you ready for your Membership Drive?

Are you ready for your membership drive? For associations, this is the most rewarding and frustrating time during the year. You love your members and look forward to retaining them. You also look to add more members to your ever-growing association.

The two most asked questions are, “What is the best way to attract new members to our association?” and “What is the best way to retain our current members?”

Various industry experts indicate that the best way to get new members and to keep them is by simply fulfilling your association’s mission and developing great benefits.

It may sound obvious, but many associations look for a marketing campaign to solve membership challenges. Eroding membership may be merely a symptom of greater, fundamental association flaws that needs to be fixed. And most flaws can be fixed with great benefits.

Industry insiders note that you should have new people joining your association throughout the year, not just during a membership campaign. With regards to retention, if your rate is 75% or less, then you probably have a more serious problem that needs to be fixed before you count on marketing to save the day.

However, if your association offers compelling member benefits and you are looking to increase your membership, then you may be focusing on your marketing campaign. With that in mind, you may want to consider adding membership decals to your marketing mix.

Membership decals provide a very simple and affordable way to encourage member loyalty, increase awareness about your association, and extend your branding reach. New and current members will be proud to display your association’s custom membership decal because they appreciate what the association does for them on a daily basis.

Increasing membership can be a challenge and creating a cost-effective marketing campaign is critical for long-term success. We wish you the best of luck during your membership drive and on a prosperous future.

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