The Next Generation in Parking Management: Rydin PermitExpress™ 4.0 is Here!

On June, 27th, 2013, Rydin PermitExpress™ was updated to Version 4.0. The new version of Rydin PermitExpress™ lays the foundation to support a growing number of community members. During the last three years, the Rydin PermitExpress™ Community has doubled every year; and it takes a lot of technology to support that type of growth. Version 4.0 will help improve the speed of everyday tasks and will allow for additional growth, without a drop in performance.

“With Rydin PermitExpress™ our goal was to create a cost-effective software solution for parking management that was designed with our customers in mind. We place a high-value on the needs of our community members and a number of the improvements in this release are based directly on their feedback and requests.” said Mike Weiler, Product Development Manager at Rydin Decal.

From “Day One”, our community members have helped us innovate by suggesting new feature ideas. As a result, everyone within the community has benefited. When it came to the Rydin PermitExpress™ Ticket Writers, one of the most requested features was for the handheld devices to be able to search temporary permits. With Rydin PermitExpress™ 4.0, we are excited to announce the arrival of this feature and many others.

The new technology also paves the way for another exciting handheld feature that we will bring to you in the coming months and we can’t wait for your team to get their hands on it!

Some of the other great features packed into this new version of the Rydin PermitExpress™  include:

  • Improved tablet experience
  • Critical user interface improvements
  • Improved photo capture on Android devices
  • Enhanced password encryption
  • Additional over-the-counter payment options

About Rydin PermitExpress™:

Designed for Colleges and Universities large and small, Rydin PermitExpress™ is a cost-effective parking management software solution that makes it easy to manage your parking permits, permit distribution, citations, appeals, as well as driver and vehicle information. Since PermitExpress™ is a web-based solution, your parking data is available in real-time, 24/7.


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