Cloud-Based Solutions: Insights from the IPI Conference and Expo

Last week we attended the IPI (International Parking Institute) Conference in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  I always enjoy attending this conference because of the people and the information.

On the people side, we have an opportunity to get together with our customers to talk shop and share a few laughs.  Also, we are able to meet new parking professionals and explain how we can help them enhance their parking program.

As far as information, IPI gives us a chance to tap into a wealth of parking industry knowledge – best practices, case studies, and what’s hot.

One of the hot topics in the parking industry continues to be Cloud Solutions.  Simply put, a Cloud Solution is one that can provide whatever, whenever, wherever, to whomever.  Currently, the only channel powerful enough to deliver such a solution is the internet.

There are several benefits to a Cloud Solution.  First, Cloud Solutions reside on the internet, so installing and maintaining a complicated computer infrastructure isn’t necessary.  The responsibility of hosting the technology remains with the vendor. This saves money.

Cloud Solutions are always up-to-date.  As soon as new functionality and/or features are developed, and whenever new database information is available, it is pushed to the cloud and can be used immediately.  Being able to use the most recent version software and having access to the most current data is critical in our fast-paced world.  This saves valuable time.

For Parking Management, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all Cloud Solution.  However, parking professionals can take advantage of many “island solutions” that are available in the cloud.  Island solutions address a specific set of problems.  By mixing and matching a number of island solutions, the parking administrator can easily create a customized solution that works best for their particular location.  This provides ultimate flexibility.

So, exactly when should you upgrade your Parking Management technology?  Well, changing for change-sake is never a good thing.  Instead, ask yourself why you are considering a change.  Is it difficult to register your parkers?  Is it cumbersome to record and track driver and vehicle information?  Are issuing citations and monitoring the appeals process too time-consuming?  Are your collection rates below expectations?  Based on the answers to your questions, you will be able to make strategic decisions.

Technology has changed the landscape of parking management and Cloud Solutions have made technology more accessible and affordable.  I’m excited for the future of parking and I’m proud to be a part of it.

For more information on the International Parking Institute and their annual conference, please click here.


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