My-what? A Guide to Understanding Parking Permit Materials, Part 2: Decal Parking Permits

Part 2 of “My-What? A Guide to Understanding Parking Permit Materials: Decal Parking Permits”

Decal Parking Permits

A decal, or sticker, parking permit is designed to be applied to the bumper or window of a car. Decals are often used when a more permanent permit solution is necessary & are typically made from Acetate, Mylar (Polyester) or Vinyl.

Acetate (Popular) – Window

A clear destructible material for inside window application. It has a permanent adhesive and will tear when you try & remove it. Use this when you want a permit to be non-transferable. You cannot use a hologram with Acetate.

Watermarked Reflective Vinyl a.k.a. Rydin Reflex (Extra Security) – Bumper

Rydin Reflex includes an exclusive watermark that is integrated into the surface to give it anti-counterfeit properties. It is also destructible and difficult to remove in one piece.

The Mylar (a.k.a. Polyester) Family:

Clear Mylar  (Most Popular) – Window or Bumper

A clear material whose non-destructible properties make it ideal for outside or inside application. It has a permanent adhesive but will not tear when removed.

Opaque Mylar – Window

Constructed in layers so that light will not penetrate it, this material is best for window decals with printing on both sides.

Removable Mylar – Window or Bumper

This material gives you the opportunity to reposition your decal when you apply it to your window for the first time.

Void Feature Mylar (Extra Security) – Bumper

This is a shiny chrome material that can only be used once. It has the adhesive on the back and once applied the words “VOID” will appear when the decal is removed. A great choice when security and anti-theft is important.

The Vinyl Family:

White Vinyl (Most Popular) – Bumper

White Vinyl is the most common outdoor material. It is somewhat flexible allowing it to fit to surfaces that are not totally flat.

Clear Vinyl (Popular) – Window or Bumper

A clear, somewhat flexible material that can be used on a window or bumper. It is generally used for a special effect look on a bumper type sticker.

Cold Weather Vinyl – Bumper

This material is used for permits that need to perform in colder weather. It has the same basic properties as white vinyl.

Destructible Vinyl (Extra Security) – Bumper

Once applied, this material cannot be removed in one piece. Destructible Vinyl is used when high security is key.

Static Vinyl – Window

This material is clear and used when you want a decal to stick to glass without adhesive.

For more information about Parking Permit materials or to purchase parking permits and hang tags, visit Rydin Decal.

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