6 Tips for Enhancing Your School’s Safety from Rydin Decal

Getting a hundred or more kids out of the classroom & safely on their way home doesn’t have to involve honking horns, crying & car accidents. Enhance your school’s security and expedite school dismissal with these tips for creating a simple & effective Hang Tag Permit Program.

Tip 1: Implement Parent Pickup TagsRydin Decal's Parent Pickup Tags

Parent Pickup Tags hang from the rearview mirrors of parent’s cars and are displayed when a parent picks up a child. These large, easy-to-read tags will help keep school dismissal safe and organized. Ask that parents display their tags when picking up children at school to accelerate matching students with the correct parent. Rydin offers Parent Pickup Tags in three sizes: Regular, Racetrack & Jumbo.


Tip 2: Provide Students with Backpack Tags

Backpack Tags allow staff to easily identify which students are walkers, bus riders or being picked up by a parent. Numbers can be coordinated with Parent Pickup Tags for even greater security & orderly dismissal. Have teachers call out student’s numbers as cars approach. When students are called, have them move to a predesignated “loading zone” to help maintain a steady vehicle flow. Backpack & Parent Pickup Tags are printed using bright colors and large numbers or letters, so they are easy to read at a distance.


Tip 3: Color Code Tags and Add a Date Range

Color-code your tags by year, class or pickup type and include the date range they are valid (e.g. 2014-2015). This will help staff identify where students belong, as well as, ensure only valid tags are in your pickup lines.

Tip 4: Add Your School Logo

Adding your school’s logo will make tags harder to duplicate and help foster school pride! Don’t have your own logo? Rydin offers over 150+ high-quality stock logos.

Tip 5: Communicate Your New Program to Parents and Students

Be sure to communicate the Parent Pickup & school dismissal procedure to both parents and students when you implement a new program. Include information such as:

  • Driver safety rules, such as speed limits
  • Student dismissal routine (times, locations and the process)
  • How to replace lost tags
  • Forgotten tag procedure, such as showing ID at the front office
  • Rules for carpools and guest pickup

Tip 6: Parent Pickup Tags Aren’t Just For Cars

  • Bus Riders: Familiarize your bus drivers with the color for their route so they can identify if a student is boarding the wrong bus. Displaying the route color in a bus window will help students find the correct bus to get them home safely.
  • Walkers: While parent pickup tags are designed to be hung from a rearview mirror, schools often ask that parents present their tags if they are picking up walkers.

We hope these tips will help you create a fast, safe, and convenient system for Parent Pickup and school dismissal. If you are ready to implement a Hang Tag Program, please contact an Account Representative today: sales@rydin.com / (800) 448-1991.


About the Company: Rydin Decal specializes in parking enforcement products to make your parking lots easier and safer to use. We offer fully customizable parking hang tags and customizable decals at prices that will fit your budget.

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3 Responses to 6 Tips for Enhancing Your School’s Safety from Rydin Decal

  1. Stan Ferguson says:

    Please contact me at your earliest convenience about designing student pick-up hang tags for my son’s school.
    We need 450-500 tags.

    Thank you
    859-361-9264 cell

  2. Tamela Cutter says:

    I would like to rice the bookbag tags for my school. We would need approximately 1000 tags.

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