A Roadmap to Your Perfect Parking Permit: 8 Tips for Creating a Permit That’s Right for You.

Tip 1: Pick Your Permit Type

When you begin looking for a Parking Permit, ask yourself this question first: will my permit be permanent or removable? If you are you looking for a permit that can be easily transferred from car to car, then a Hang Tag is the choice for you. For a more permanent option, you should start by looking at Stickers & Decals.

Tip 2: Choose the Right Material

There are a lot of questions to answer when it comes to finding the right material for your permits. A standard decal is typically made of durable White Vinyl for a bumper-style permit or Clear Mylar for a window-style permit. A standard hang tag is typically made of a semi-rigid polyvinyl plastic that will easily withstand removal & replacement. For increased security, choosing a destructible material will ensure permits aren’t removed & placed on other cars. Find more information on material options for Parking Permits here.

Tip 3: Find Your Style

There are a variety of shapes to choose from for your parking permit – from standard to jumbo to custom die-cut.  If you are looking for a value priced permit, then start by looking at standard hang tag or decal options. These standard options still offer customization such as colors & logos, plus a variety of shapes to choose from. Custom or die-cut shapes will make your permits harder to duplicate & can help you further distinguish one type of parker from another.

Tip 4: Bright & Bold Colors

Use bold & bright colors to make it easier for your enforcement staff to identify parking permits.  A dark background & light text or a light background with dark text will give you maximum visibility.  You may also want to consider changing permit colors for different lots, months, seasons, or years.

Tip 5: Use a Logo

Logos are harder to replicate & therefore will help make your permits counterfeit deterrent & prevent illegal use. If you don’t have your own logo, consider choosing one from a logo library, such as the one available from Rydin Decal.

Tip 6: Add An Expiration Date

How long will a parking permit be valid? Add an expiration date to let your parkers & your staff know when & for how long a vehicle may be parked in your lot.  For example, schools may only want a student’s permit to be valid for one semester. This will help prevent students from abusing the lots & will help your enforcement staff ensure the safety of your students.

Tip 7: Put A Number or Barcode On It

Numbering and/or barcoding your permits will make it easy to track who has received a permit & connect violations and vehicle information with a permit user. In addition, numbering your permits will help ensure you know when your quantity is running low & it’s time to reorder.

Tip 8: Don’t Wait to Order

This last tip may seem obvious, but ordering your permits early will ensure that you receive them in time.  Allow enough time for printing & shipping to ensure the distribution of your permits goes as smoothly as possible.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, or visit Rydin Decal Parking Permits for more information.


About the Company: Rydin Decal specializes in parking enforcement products to make your parking lots easier and safer to use. We offer fully customizable parking hang tags and customizable decals at prices that will fit your budget.

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