Vehicle License Decals: Generate Revenue for Your Municipality

Generating revenue to fund important community projects is a struggle many municipalities are facing today. Implementing a Vehicle License Decal Program in your town is one simple & highly profitable way to increase revenue. Vehicle License Decals are an investment & depending on your municipality’s objectives, they have the potential to become a significant revenue generating item.

Implementing a Vehicle Registration Program: How It Works

In many communities, all vehicles are required to be registered with the local municipality. For each registered vehicle, a special sticker or decal is issued and is applied to the inside of the car windshield. This creates two additional streams of revenue for the municipality:

  1. Decal/Sticker Sales
  2. Citations

Budget Considerations:

Many municipal budgets have been reduced, and some of our municipalities are experiencing severe financial restraints. Regardless of the merits of a program, you will probably need to justify the expense. Here are some things you might want to consider:

Vehicle License Decals: Revenue Potential thru Decal Sales

As an example, let’s say that a high-end investment into a Vehicle License Decal is approximately $1 a piece.  While sell prices may vary depending on the vehicle type, the following example illustrates the potential revenue gain:

Investment Into Vehicle License Decals

Above Illustrates A High End Investment in Vehicle License Decals

Potential Revenue Gained Thru Vehicle License Decals

Above Illustrates The Revenue Generated from Vehicle License Decal Sales Alone. Generate Additional Revenue Thru Citations.

Additional Revenue Thru Citations:

When cars are parked in city lots, the police can check these decals to determine if they are violating the ordinance.  If so, citations can be issued, which becomes an additional source of revenue. Depending on the size of the community, this could generate $5,000 – $60,000 in incremental revenue each year.

Finding the Right Vehicle License Decals for Your Municipality:

Rydin Decal provides cost effective decal solutions that can still be customized to your exact specifications. Contact Rydin Decal today to explore your options.

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