The Necessity of Parking Permits: Parking Lot Safety

Universities across the country are looking at ways to enhance their security and increase their parking lot safety. As this happens, more and more custom parking permits are being issued to strengthen the security in the lots.  The departments of public safety at the universities are implementing these measures because they are mainly concerned for their students remaining safe while on campus.

Parking Safety:  How to Prepare Yourself

In addition to using custom parking permit hang tags and parking permit decals and stickers to stay safe, here are some steps that students, faculty and staff can take to aid the safety process:

  • Become familiar with the layout of the parking lot
  • Remember where you parked the vehicle
  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Keep your car in good mechanical condition to prevent car trouble
  • Keep the gas tank filled
  • When possible, try to keep one hand free while walking to and from your vehicle

Parking Permits:  Staying Safe

If your college, university or school does not issue custom parking permits, then suggest this idea to the parking administrator.  This is the ideal way to ensure parking spaces are available for the people who belong on campus – and to keep unwanted or suspicious vehicles off campus.  When “parkers” display their hang tag parking permits from their mirror or their parking permit stickers on their window, parking officers will be able to quickly determine if the vehicle is registered and is allowed to be on campus.

Parking Permits:  Where to Get the Best for Your Organization

If you are in need of custom parking permits for your school and would like to ensure safety in the parking lots, then Rydin Decal can help. Rydin specializes in creating custom parking permits for schools across the country.  Depending on the complexity, you can design the permits online.  You can also upload your school logo to use on your parking permit hang tags and parking permit decals.

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