Customized Hang Tags – How To Use Rydin Decal’s Custom Hang Tag Generator

Looking for hang tags can be a time-intensive process, especially if you want personalized labels that go a bit above and beyond, while keeping to the same budget. Lots of companies offer customizable products but they are hard to visualize and often are very costly (especially if you want a custom design). Do yourself a favor and eliminate the stress by using our custom hang tag program. Rydin Decal has created this software so you can design your own custom hang tag labels and parking permits. This program is easy and absolutely free to use (our gift to you).

How to design the perfect labels with Rydin’s Customized Hang Tags Program:

Step 1 – Select your Shape:
Visit our Customized Hang Tags Tool and select the custom hang tag shape that best fits your needs. Now you are ready to begin making your tag!

Step 2 – Add your Text:
Begin entering your hang-tag text on the lines available. Keep in mind, this tool will auto-size your text, so you want to keep your lines short and sweet. Also – the original image that is auto generated can be moved, so don’t worry if that image is over-lapping your text. Just click on the image, hold down your mouse, and drag the image further to the right.

Design Tip: If you don’t need all four lines of text, just delete the standard “Line 4” text out of the boxes you do not need – the program will automatically delete it off the tag, and nicely space out your remaining lines.

Step 3 – Format your Customized Hang Tags: Select your font size and font type – we offer many options, so that you can design the best permit to fit all of your needs. The most popular fonts are Helvetica Bold, Times Bold, and Century Schoolbook Bold, but you can choose whichever font works best for your business and/or school.

Step 4: Select your customized hang tag color

This is a pretty easy step, but please keep in mind that the color on your computer monitor may be slightly different that the color that is ultimately printed. If you need an extremely specific color match, please call our expert staff at 800-448-1991 or send them an email at

Step 5: Select a Logo
We have over a hundred logos that our in-house designers have created, which you are also welcome to use (at no additional fee). These logos have been specifically created so the printing process will not degrade the image quality. If you have a custom logo, that is fine too – just select “custom logo” in the drop down list to browse and upload your image.

Tip: To adjust image size, click on the image, hold down the “alt key,” and drag the corners.

Select an image, either from our stock images, or your own custom image

Please note, if your custom drawing has a lot of details, such as a character wearing clothing, a picture of your pet, or groups of men & women, there is a chance it will not print as well on the label. We recommend using simple characters or accessories for your imagery.

Step 6: Customized Hang Tag Sequence Number – This is an optional step, but a great idea if you have more than one set of customized hang tags that you need (for example if you have multiple parking lots, and need different numbers for each set). Enter in the number from which you want your order to start sequentially. Please keep in mind that each tag will be printed in increments of “1.” (So if you enter “1,000” your first 3 tags will be 1,000; 1,001; 1,002). As with the text lines, if you don’t need a sequence number, just delete all numbers out of the box, and the design will auto-adjust.

Step 7: Select a Quantity – Let us know how many you need (we do have a 100 minimum order). Especially for events, we recommend ordering extra customized hang tags with no sequence numbers, so that you can manually write on them if the need arises. Most events order an additional 10-15% more than the anticipated event number, so they aren’t left hanging with no extras.

Then all you need to do is select “add to cart” and our system will show you your image, a summary of the data you entered, and your pricing, all before you check out. You can then have them shipped either to your home or business.

Customized Hang Tags by Rydin Decal

We hope that you find our custom hang tags program useful, and we hope it makes this whole process a little bit easier for you.

Please let us know if you have any problems at all with the customized hang tags order, or if you have a special order request that our hang-tag builder does list as an option (for example security tags). You can contact us at or at 800-448-1991 for details and prices.

About the Company: Rydin Decal specializes in parking enforcement products to make your parking lots easier and safer to use. We offer fully customizable parking hang tags and customizable decals at prices that will fit your budget.

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