Using Your Custom Parking Permits as a “Mobile Marketing Tool”

Use your custom parking permit as a mobile marketing tool

Do you use parking permits for your facilities? Are you looking for cost effective ways to promote yourself? Then you might want to think about customizing your parking permits for marketing purposes. Parking permits are used in a number of industries to secure their parking lots from unauthorized parking. However, these parking permits are also a great marketing tool that is often overlooked. Your members, employees, faculty, and students are required to have parking permits on their cars. Those parking permits are traveling in cars to dozens of destinations per day. This creates a tremendous mobile marketing tool that can add value to your brand.

The entire purpose of parking permits is for it to be visible by someone outside the vehicle. Just think about how many people walk by your car while you are at a movie or grocery store on the weekend.  Also, how many passengers have you had in your vehicle in the past year? Now multiply those numbers by the amount of employees in your facility. That number gets pretty big pretty quickly. You never know who is going to get into the car and see your brand dangling from the rear-view mirror or affixed to the windshield or bumper.

Parking permits are one of the easiest ways you will find to market your business – it takes virtually no maintenance and your employees actually need them. You can fully customize your parking permits to your liking, and create the ultimate mobile marking tool. If creativity is what you seek then you can print custom decals made to your specifications. Customize your mobile marketing tool today with Rydin Decal!

Start gaining some easy brand awareness for your business by adding your company name and logo to your custom parking permits! You can learn more about all of our customizable products at the Rydin Decal website, or give us a call at 800-448-1991 or shoot us an email at

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