Easily Remove Your Custom Parking Permit Sticker From Your Windshield

We specifically design the custom parking permit sticker so it is quite difficult to remove.  In fact, we have spent a great deal of time and money ensuring that your vehicle decal or parking tag is safe and secure.

It’s important to us to protect the vehicle’s owner from being a victim on theft.  It’s not uncommon to have the vehicle permit stolen and used illegally by someone else.  Also, it certain climates, it is easy for decals to peel off and become lost – ultimately this creates confusion and frustration for the permit holder.

Although we feel that all parking permit stickers are special pieces of art, :) we know that you don’t want to keep them on your car forever. Also,secure parking tags come with an expiration date, meaning they will need to replaced regularly. If the parking permits are on the outside of the vehicle, you can usually get away with putting one or two right on top of each other, but after a while it becomes unsightly. At some point, you will most likely want to remove them completely and we at RydinDecal understand that.

For your convenience, we recommend the following technique / procedure to remove the parking permit decal or sticker from your vehicle’s windshield.

  1. Apply nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol to a cotton ball or rag, and then rub it on the decal (especially around the edges).
  2. With the straight edge of a razor blade or utility knife blade, lift one corner of the decal.
  3. Slowly peel the decal off the window.  (Depending on the specific type of material of your decal, it will either come off in one piece or it will shear off.  If it shears, please use the flat edge of the razor blade to remove the remaining parts of the decal.
  4. Once removed, wipe the window with the nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol to remove any remaining adhesive.  This is also a great way to prepare the glass for application of the new sticker.)
  5. Finally, because you wiped down the area, your new decal will have a nice, clean surface to stick to.

Hopefully this technique will work for you!

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One Response to Easily Remove Your Custom Parking Permit Sticker From Your Windshield

  1. Connie Caldwell says:

    Tried a bunch of things. What ended up working was WD40 and a wet brillo pad. Took it off in seconds.!!!!!

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